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If you have welcomed a new little angel and looking for his/her name then you can name your bundle of joy. There is a great variety of names you can find around the globe. There are few names which are considered traditional in their native country might sound unusual in your country. So there is a great chance for you to name your kid unique. From Spain to Australia to Brazil you can look for names and they might unique and attractive.

Parents have a great responsibility of choosing the right name for their child. Along with this responsibility, parents have to prepare arrangements for the delivery, furnishing the nursery, and maintaining a mother’s health throughout the pregnancy. While talking about Australia, popular names include Sienna and Mia for girls. Whereas for boys Australians choose Lachlan and Cooper. Popular names in Brazil include Yasmin, Beatriz, Pedro, and Leonardo. In France, few popular names include Enzo, Hugo, Manon, and Ines.

People living in Israel have popular names which include Shira, Yosef, Eden, and Uri. Italy has A girl names Italian famous in their region. Also, famous names in Italy include Lorenzo, Paolo, Guila, and Chiara. Some people from Morocco have famous names like Hassan, Ahmed, Fatima, and Nadia. Whereas the names like Angelo, Mariel, Adrian, and Angelica are Phillipian popular and unique names. Marina, Mikhail, Linnea, Elina, Ivan, Wilma, Emil, and Elias are popular exotic baby names around the Globe.

These are popular yet exotic names that are chosen by the parents around the Globe for their babies. For the parents who look for less common names for their child can consider these names. From Leonardo to Aliya there are many names you can search from the Internet for your child. We hope you would appreciate our suggestions. We would love to hear from your side.