Intel and AMD War against CPU’s and GPU’s

Intel lost the throne of processors a few years ago, with the emergence of AMD’s Ryzen with which Lisa Su’s company managed to balance the scale and begin to offer better CPUs than its eternal rival, something that, for users, is always welcome, as competition between two brands often results in more competitive prices and better products for users.

In fact, now Intel is confident and it seems that it is going to punch the table thanks to its processors and graphics of the future starting with its Intel Alder Lake processors with which they plan to recover the lost crown.

So much so that Pat Gelsinger, CEO of the brand, has ensured that the ” time in which people could say that AMD is the leader is over. We return with a very defined vision of what it takes to be the leader in all dimensions, Product leadership, packaging, manufacturing processes, software, critical workloads such as AI, graphics, media, and energy efficiency re-enabling the ecosystem. This is what we are going to do with aggressive actions and programs during the years to come “, he assures.

In addition, Pat also admits that Lisa Su’s company has done a great job but assures that Intel has returned: ” AMD has done a great job in the last two years, we are not going to ignore the good work they have done but this is over with Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids. Intel is back, they are the best products in their class, we have the best supply situation, the best assets in software quality, the most respected and revered brand in the industry. “

Best CPU’s and Graphics

The jewel in the crown of the Alder Lake will be the Intel Core i9-12900K of which we have already seen some quite promising benchmarks leaked on the net. Even so, this is not the only market in which it wants to compete since the brand also wants to put pressure on NVIDIA in the graphics card market and, for this, it has recruited different talent from AMD’s Radeon sector.

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