What Are the Causes of Acne Scars?

What Are the Causes of Acne Scars?

Ice pick and keloid are recognizable by their raised appearance among the most common acne scars. The former has a narrow tip and is typically present in areas with thin skin. The latter has a deeper indentation and typically occurs on the jawline and lower cheeks. These two types of acne scars are similar but differ in appearance and texture. Both are more difficult to treat and require specialized acne scar treatment in Dubai.

Due to the break of inflamed pore:

When an inflamed pore breaks, the result is a scar. These are commonly called “boxcar” scars. They are common on the lower chest and jaw. Hypertrophic scars are raised out of the skin, caused by an overgrowth of collagen. These types of scars are often itchy and painful.

An excess of collagen in the skin:

Acne scars are caused by an excess of collagen in the skin. This causes raised tissue on the surface of the skin. Alternatively, when the skin does not have enough collagen, it loses its ability to repair itself. The resulting depression is an “icepick” scar, a small hole in the skin. Other types of acne scars include “boxcar” scars, which have a steep side.

Stress and anxiety:

While there are several reasons for acne scarring, some factors can lead to this condition. Some of the most prominent causes of acne scarring are stress and anxiety. As a result, some people experience severe anxiety and depression, which can have devastating effects. It is important to seek professional help to manage your acne. If you feel depressed, it is essential to consult a doctor to avoid any further complications.

Exaggerated skin response:

Although the most common cause of acne scars is exaggerated skin response, some people do not realize that their inflammatory acne can cause scarring. The keloid type of scarring is caused by an overly aggressive immune response to the bacteria. While the darkest form of acne scarring is not a sign of a medical condition, it may be a medical problem.

We have discussed various causes of acne, but the main cause of acne scars is an inflamed pore. The resulting pus is absorbed into the follicle wall. The blemish heals very quickly. In contrast, deep lesions can remain untreated, causing infected materials to spill out. The body tries to repair the damaged tissue by producing collagen fibers. The body produces too much collagen, creating a raised scar.