Where Can I Celebrate My 1 Year Old’s Birthday in Dubai?

Where Can I Celebrate My 1 Year Old’s Birthday in Dubai?

When you are looking for a birthday party in Dubai for kids, there are many places to celebrate this event. You could take your child to Legoland or Wild Wadi water theme park. Or you could celebrate at one of the luxurious restaurants, such as Sky Lounge or Sky Bar.

Kids Zone:

There are many options when it comes to celebrating a 1-year-old birthday in Dubai. You can choose to have the party at home or at a venue that is suitable for kids. For example, you can celebrate your birthday at a park or an aquarium. Both are free to visit, although you’ll need to purchase a ticket for the aquarium. Other options include taking your child to the Dubai Dino, where you can see the preserved remains of a 155 million-year-old dinosaur.


Legoland is an indoor theme park with over 20 million LEGO bricks, including the Dubai skyline and key landmarks from the Middle East. Kids can play with their LEGO bricks on the Miniland buildings, which is a 10-meter play table where they can make their very own skyline. Tickets to the Legoland Dubai theme park are open-dated, and you can visit the theme park for a single day or a full day.

Wild Wadi water theme park:

The Wild Wadi water theme park is located in Dubai. It offers various slides, rides, and other activities based on Arabian Folklore. Each ride and activity has a name that refers to Juha from the folklore.

The park offers many facilities for guests with disabilities. These include a pick-up zone at the park’s entrance, a designated parking space, and specially-designed showers, changing rooms, and toilet facilities. The park also offers discounted prices for guests with disabilities. They can also skip the line at any ride. Just remember that some rides require help from attendants.

Sky Lounge:

Sky Lounge, located on the 35th floor of the Hilton Dubai, is a premium outdoor spot that boasts a vibrant vibe and a range of fine cocktails. It also offers breathtaking views of the city. This party venue is perfect for both day and night celebrations, with options ranging from a sun-kissed beach vibe to a party-hard nightlife scene.

Cafe Ceramique:

Stylish and upscale, Cafe Ceramique serves casual global fare and lets guests paint and fire their ceramics. The cafe’s creative atmosphere is a perfect setting for a one-year-old birthday celebration. There are also unfinished ceramics available for guests to paint and fire.