The Power Of Storytime In Early Childhood Learning

The Power Of Storytime In Early Childhood Learning


Storytime is a powerful tool in early childhood learning. It is a time for children to hear stories, learn new words, develop their imagination and creativity, and, most importantly, bond with the person reading the story. In this article, we will discuss the power of storytime in British curriculum nursery in Dubai.

Language development:

Storytime is an excellent opportunity for children to develop their language skills. Children learn new words, improve their comprehension, and build their vocabulary through hearing stories. Reading aloud also exposes children to different sentence structures and grammar rules.

Imagination and creativity:

Listening to stories can help children develop their imagination and creativity. It allows them to explore different worlds and ideas they may not have thought of before. They can develop their critical thinking skills by asking questions and connecting the story with their experiences.

Emotional development:

Storytime can help children understand and process emotions. Stories often have characters that experience different emotions, which can help children understand their feelings and how to deal with them. It can also help them empathize with others and understand different perspectives.


Reading aloud to children can be a great bonding experience. It allows the child and the person reading the story to connect and spend time together. This can strengthen the relationship between the two and create a positive environment for learning.

Cognitive development:

Storytime can help with cognitive development as well. Listening to stories requires attention and concentration, which can help improve memory and focus. It also helps with problem-solving skills as children try to understand the plot and predict what will happen next.

Cultural awareness:

Stories can also help children learn about different cultures and traditions. It allows them to learn about different customs and beliefs and can help promote diversity and inclusivity.

Storytime is a powerful tool in early childhood learning. It can help with language development, imagination and creativity, emotional development, bonding, cognitive development, and cultural awareness. Encouraging children to read and listen to stories can profoundly impact their development and future success. Whether at home, school, or the library, make storytime a part of your child’s routine to help them grow into happy, healthy, and prosperous individuals.