Why Set Up Your Business in IFZA

IFZA is a leading investment hub that offers a wide range of business activities. Besides, IFZA is eco-friendly and affordable. However, if you’re looking for the perfect location forĀ the IFZA business setup, you should know that you have several alternatives. Sharjah Media City is one of them.

IFZA is a leading investment hub:

Fujairah is a popular location for international investors and businesses. IFZA, an internationally recognized free zone, has a unique blend of business services, including consulting, service, and trading licenses. More than 100 business activities are offered at IFZA, ranging from consulting to information technology, design, and logistics. In addition, the free zone also offers several other industry-specific services.

It is affordable:

Setting up a company in the UAE is easy and flexible thanks to the International Free Zone Authority, based in the emirate of Fujairah. To operate your company, you don’t need a physical presence in this free zone. You can also set up an employee and company owner visa, valid for three years. Moreover, you don’t need health insurance or pay employees’ health insurance premiums. Besides, setting up a business in a free zone is also very affordable, with the minimum labor and licensing costs.

It is ecologically conscious:

The IFZA is a Free Zone Authority that strives to be an ecologically conscious environment. The Free Zone offers high-tech solutions, executive offices, shared office space, and warehouse facilities. In addition, it has a renowned 5-star hotel brand that focuses on eco-sensitive living. To help companies start a sustainable businesses, the IFZA has various green initiatives that will benefit them and the environment.

Local banks widely recognize it:

The IFZA offers many licensing options at a very affordable rate. This business zone offers several services to its customers, including a world-renowned 5-star hotel. The location is also known for its quality retail outlets. The IFZA also offers residential options. The licensing process involves an LLC structure that separates the owners from the business. This allows the owners to sponsor their employees, and the company has a separate legal identity. These are some great reasons to invest in IFZA.